Picture from Gruesome Twosome Tour, 2011 (taken w/ a disposable camera for the record) and displaying said pyrotechnics.



                                                                                                                                                                                                                A visual freak feast.   

This time Zombie kicked things off with Jesus Frankenstein stopped and proceeded to rant about smartphones. Brilliant! Before continuing he had them put on the house lights and told the people on the floor, paraphrasing here, "...I am going to give you 5 seconds to take your pictures and videos for youtube or whatever...then I want you to put your smartphones down and grow some balls!" He posed pretty unenthusiastically, and then said something along the lines of, "...How would you like it if I did the entire show with a phone in my hand? (Miming scrolling through a phone) ...Oh yeah, dragula who gives a $#!%? Living dead girl, whatever..." One of the other things he shouted picking one particular bald person out during this was, "...You! You're a skinhead! You shouldn't have a smartphone ever!!"  Funny because its true,  you always see this now where people are pretty much recording every moment as if it's not good enough being there unless they can brag about it on the internets. Ridiculous.

 RZ pictured in the shirt of another Halloween fan.


Things really took off from here as Zombie and the boys tore through Superbeast, Meet the Creeper, and Living Dead Girl, that got all the ladies gyrating, of course. They then broke out More Human than Human, much to the enjoyment of everyone. Their show was pretty much impeccable from here on out, Rob works in a few of his new songs but you could barely notice in between the nonstop assault of heavy hits.                                                                              

Some personal favorite moments, Scum of the Earth, Thunderkiss 65, goes without saying but that just happened, the J5 solo, eruption-esque, even more powerful when he played his guitar with his teeth, not something I've seen many people do since Jimmi Hendrix.  There was a brief tribute to Alice Cooper as they played part of School's Out, as crazy and crucial a couple minutes as it gets. Everyone also was tricked or treated to the trailer of Rob's latest film Lords of Salem, due out next year sometime. That reminds me, the entire show is performed in front of excellent imagery. Classic horror villain clips, The Munsters, Charles Manson news footage, and strange anime amongst the bunch. Basically, Rob Zombie, J5, Piggy D, and Ginger Fish tore it up and burned it down. A superbeast of a show to say the least. The pure rock n' roll energy Rob Zombie performed with was enough to keep me going...for now.