The other thing with Manson that I couldn't understand was his personal distaste for microphone stands. He kept tossing them and then another roadie would run out there and set it back up, prompting him to toss it completely offstage. You've been on this tour for over a month, if after the first show you did not want your mic stands set back up, wouldn't you tell your crew this right after?

They closed with Beautiful People which was good for his fans since at certain shows there wasn't enough time for this, so I've heard...

An hour later, or so it seemed, team Zombie had all things tested and ready for Rob. At this point, I also realized the price of a beer was the same as straight liquor that they were serving in cups. Score.

Made my way, with my brother, into an area up top where we were not too close to anyone so I could boogie my brains out to our boy Rob Zombie and flail about as I felt inclined. But before you say, "Couldn't you have snuck onto the floor?" We tried, more than once, before settling back in upstairs.

This has become somewhat a running tradition for me and my brother, see his birthday is in October, so last year we schlepped our scumbag-selves out to Worchester, Massachusetts for the Halloween Hootenanny with Rob Zombie and the godfather of gruesome, Alice Cooper. Our dudes did not disappoint us then and did not disappoint us now. That show, I have some pictures from, below are a couple, I will post a few more in the future.


At that putrid party I was confused as to why Alice would go on first but, quickly learned what an extreme entertainer  brother Zombie was. The guy literally climbed into the crowd and clawed his way to the upper deck! It damn near seemed like he ran a train through every seating section in the DCU center. It was the most time I've ever seen any singer spend in the audience.

Also over the top at that show was the use of pyrotechnics, we are talking 12 feet or taller flames shooting from all kinds of locations on the stage. Fast forward to the Hammerstein Ballroom and I was worried reading a tweet from Rob Zombie the day of the show saying they would need a bigger boat because none of their fun stuff fit inside the NYC venue. Once the performance started though I remembered Rob doesn't really need fire or any of that crap because his energy and attitude is enough to get the entire crowd, or at least myself, lifted.

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