Rob Zombie/Marilyn Manson at Hammerstein Ballroom 10/17/12

With Halloween approaching it is the perfect time of the year to put on a record from Type O Negative, the Misfits, or Rob Zombie, or even better yet witness his horrific energy first hand. On Oct. 17th the big RZ headlined the Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC, as part of the Twins of Evil Tour with Marilyn Manson, and we got to do just that...



Tickets for this show were essentially sold out, at least for the floor area, by the time we heard about it. This trapped us in the second mezzanine area like caged wolverines. Although this is frustrating because most people are sitting down and when you stand up to thrash around the row of people behind you are pissed, so it's best to find an area where you're just not even near anyone, you end up with a bird's eyeball view of all the action without having to knock your neighbor out the way to see something on stage, so it has its perks and jerks like anything else.

In my case, it had been nearly three weeks since I crawled out from under my rock for something great that most people would want nothing to do with. So, in some way, it was just refreshing to be out in NYC and surrounded by other creeps. Manson & Zombie brought out their fair share of freaks. Girls in short black skirts, fish net shirts, and stockings were a welcome sight. The guy in the bathroom with black eye make-up and platform high heels boots, not particularly, but it's part of the package. Things like that should just make you laugh and happy to be there.

Marilyn Manson went on first, honestly I think he had started before we stumbled in. Manson and Twiggs did their thing. They certainly got people out of their seats, ladies seemed to like it, there wasn't really much of a pit from what I could see. Personally, just hearing Jesus Christ Superstar towards the end of the set was worth it but from what I recall, mOBSCENE was where their show first picked up.

During that track, Manson, who has received quite the reputation over the past two decades, as being a fairly reprehensible character did his best to either offend or amuse the crowd. Really couldn't tell which it was. The "offensive" words scrawling across his LED banners were quite comical. Seeing the terms, "Full Blown Aids" and "Rapey Ryan", as well as, "Valtrex",(which I'm not sure how many people even know that's herpes medication, 1 out of 3 statistics say?) that all gave me a good chuckle.

Dopeshow was the next song, they did that underneath an enormous light up sign that said, "DRUGS". Again, amusing more than anything. Manson made sure to break out both covers he's known for, Personal Jesus, and Sweet Dreams, which I was hyped to hear because he does a bang up job with them and those originals are incredible.

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